66 ‘Love Letters’ from God

Before I became a Christian, reading the Bible was like reading someone else’s mail.    Now, however, the Scriptures have become 66 love letters from God, addressed specifically to me.  [Emphasis added]

Wow!   I’ve never heard the Bible described quite this way.  However, as I read this paragraph last week, I knew Hank Hanegraaff was speaking the truth.   His remarks on the Bible, and his life before and after he started his walk with Christ, ring so true!

He made the statement in a great online article he wrote on the Bible’s role in a Christians life.   Specifically, Hanegraaff was addressing the role of listening “carefully as God speaks to us personally through His Word.”

66AssuranceWay blogger

  • Using your Bible effectually is, I believe, a pillar of Christian Assurance.

Hanegraaff states, in the introduction to his M-E-A-L-S article:

Jesus said, “Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4). Great physical meals are one thing; great spiritual meals are quite another. In fact, the acronym M-E-A-L-S will serve us well as we get back to basics with regard to the Bible.

What does MEALS stand for?


  • We’ve touched on Listen in this post today.  As the remarks that opened this post address vividly, the nature of your Christian walk will affect the meaning the Bible has for you.
  • Are you using your Bible well? 
  • The quotes in this post are from Hank Hanegraaff’s article entitled “M-E-A-L-S” (as posted on Crosswalk.com).   To read the entire article, and learn how he describes all 5 steps to using the Bible wisely, click the link below:


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