Welcome to 66 Assurance Way

Welcome to 66 Assurance Way!

istock_000004034266_small.jpgThe many assurances provided to God-trusting, faithful Christians are richly described in the Holy Bible.    Nonetheless, even the most Christ-abiding believers need to remain encouraged – during life’s long walks and faith-testing storms.

  • While the spirituality of Christians is the main focus of this blog, worklife issues facing the faithful will also be addressed.
  • Spiritual Empowerment is at the root of living a fruitful Christian life.

Who am I?     I’m a mid-life Christian writer who enjoys sharing Encouraging Scripture, Music, & Insights with others.    In 2010, I started writing for the Dare to Work Ministry’s online site; I launched the career ministry in 2009 at my church, Oak Ridge First Baptist Church.   Last year, spiritually empowering and encouraging others -regardless of their career situation- rapidly rose as an area of keen interest.   A financial professional with a M.B.A., my work life includes journalism, teaching, jazz programming, & entrepreneurship.

66AssuranceWay bloggerMy church activities, beyond the Dare to Work Ministry (Founder/Team Leader), include the Gospel Choir and church newsletter.   While outside my comfort zone, my involvement in this wonderful choir has played as much of a role in my Christian walk as my Dare to Work activities!

  • Spiritual empowerment will, at times, mean you’re doing things that are unfamiliar or (initially) uncomfortable.   Don’t always be discouraged by the discomfort felt in the first steps of a new endeavor.

Why start a blog today?   The idea for this blog has been on my ‘radar’ for about 16 months.  Today seemed the perfect day to launch it.   Today marks the 5-year anniversary of my joining a great church with a great, humble man of God as it’s leader – Dr. Rev. James A. Webster.

  • I intend to post here at least twice a week
  • 66 Assurance Way (https://twitter.com/66AssuranceWay) has been on Twitter for nearly two months.
  • Look for 66AssuranceWay.com next month!

Look for my next two posts on Wednesday and next Saturday.

Thanks for giving me a few moments of your time.   To God be the Glory!

Greg      9/21/2013

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

~ Hebrews 11:1 (NKJV)

Photo Credit: iStock (Header)

P.S.  My photo is from my 30th Reunion at Brown University last May in Providence.  As you can see, I have more faith than hair (smile).   GS


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